Industries for Which Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Hire the Best Labour in Sydney

In recent years, Sydney’s economy has grown by 4.5%, the fastest over the past decade. The output of the capital city topped $300 billion in 2017, competing with the economic activity of countries such as Hong Kong and Malaysia.

When you have your firm in such a thriving economy, your business can be a step ahead of your competitors by having a competent workforce. Sydney boasts a highly skilled and dynamic workforce; it also attracts more skilled workers than any other Australian city through the highly-trusted immigration scheme. 

You can engage reputed labour hire Sydney agency, specialized in the supply of such staff across various leading industries. Here are the top sectors where leading recruitment agents can help you hire the best workers in Sydney.


Whether it’s WestConnex or the new airport at Badgerys Creek, Sydney boasts large-scale construction projects that have led to an increased demand for an experienced workforce. Experts believe that businesses associated with planning and building phases of construction work will have excellent prospects in Sydney. 

Top agencies provide workers for hire with at least a year’s experience in construction work and a valid white card. They select candidates on a merit basis, assessing them through interviews. They cover various job profiles from general workers to demolition workers, which you will find very resourceful while recruiting the workforce for your construction company.

Logistics and Warehousing

Sydney is home to over 20 top supply chain companies, leading the country’s logistics industry upfront. On the other hand, due to the M5 Motorway upgrade and a massive warehouse established in the area, Sydney features the most extensive intermodal freight precinct in Australia. These can be excellent prospects for your new venture in logistics and warehousing, provided you have a capable workforce.

Top labor-hire Sydney services provide a tailored supply of workers, which can maximize your business productivity. Their in-person interviews help find the right candidate with the skill sets relevant to logistics. It ensures they fit your staff requirements for posts such as forklift operators and truck drivers.

Infrastructure and Rail

Sydney metro Project is currently the country’s largest public transport project, estimated to cost around $12 billion. On the other hand, a two-decade partnership between the Australian, NSW, and local governments to develop the Western Parkland City will create about 200k jobs soon.

With the sector boasting new projects, your firm in this domain will need a highly qualified workforce to meet the deadlines. Leading consultants offer staffing solutions, ensuring your company has employees with the required expertise in the railway sector. You will have workers with experience in job scopes of RISI scaffolders and track protection officers, crucial for your company.


NSW has the country’s largest manufacturing industry, with Western and Greater Sydney being the leading manufacturing hubs for aerospace and food processing.

If you are a start-up in the advanced manufacturing domain, an experienced agency can help you recruit staff with expertise across various industries. They can assist you in filling a wide range of job roles, including machine operators and fabricators.


The latest statistics suggest that Sydney’s hospitality arena has excellent prospects for new ventures, with the city’s nightlife economy being worth over $4 billion by 2018.

And with Sydney’s after-hours economy bouncing back, showing a rise in the overall sales by about 6%, your business in the hospitality sector can make significant profits. But for that, you need a well-trained staff with low turnover.

A reputed recruitment agency can ensure you have an experienced workforce, even when you require them at short notice. The consultants can supply staff to fill permanent positions or temporary posts when you have special events to manage.

Admin and Office Support

When you need staff to take care of your firm’s administrative functions in Sydney, you would have to hire resources for a salary package range of $45k to $80k.

However, leading recruitment specialists maintain a comprehensive database, covering various job profiles under administration recruitment. They find the right staff for you to handle your company’s administration, including aspects such as accounts and HR.

Fortunately, while you get qualified resources, you can recruit them at competitive rates. The agency will take care of your staff’s Worker’s Compensation and Payroll Tax, enabling you to maintain your business expenses.

Engage with A Reputed Recruitment Agency

Sydney is the best city to find jobs in Australia; it has an unemployment rate lower than the national average, at 6%.

With access to an expansive workforce in the capital city, an experienced recruitment specialist can help you find the right staff for your company. While they take care of all the paperwork associated with the employees, you can look for new avenues to expand your business, setting foot in the global market.