Use LELO Luna Beads For Making Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Strong!

Are you facing a hard time getting aroused post-childbirth? Or have you lost the sensitivity down there after surgery? Well, the good news is that LELO luna beads are here for the rescue!! Although the luna beads are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, they are categorized under a series of sex toys. 

Talking about the visual appearance, they are already a turn-on, let alone the feel. The smooth and sleek LELO luna beads are lightly weighted balls that are meant to be inserted and kept inside the vagina. These kegel balls have two major functions:

  1. They make the pelvic floor muscles exercises even when you are merely walking.
  2. And secondly, they are also known to tighten and tone your vagina for enhanced pleasures during sex or masturbation. 

What does the LELO luna bead experience feel like, and how to use them?

Before talking about all the benefits offered by them, the beads themselves create an undeniable thrill factor while wearing them. The weighted balls inside the luna beards roll freely as the wearer moves. The intense sensation during the movement of weights inside kegel balls feels like waves or vibrations. Since the luna beads stimulate the insides of your vagina, the vaginal muscles keep contracting and relaxing as a response. The satisfying presence inside your vagina can even turn you on.

If you are new to using kegel balls, you can go slow and start with a single ball before hopping on to two balls. The size of the balls is such that they can easily be inserted inside your vagina, especially if you have given birth vaginally. However, if you feel even a minute discomfort, you can readily use a suitable lubricant for an enhanced experience. 

You must note that lube can not make things better when your muscles are tensed. Clean your hands, lie down, and relax and then gently start inserting the balls. Keep pushing the balls towards your belly button gradually, and do not rush. Remember to keep the retrieval loop outside to pull the luna beads out.      

Can the LELO luna beads enhance sexual pleasures? 

The shimming and shaking sensations of weights inside the luna beads can prove to be highly pleasurable. They might not make you climax single-handedly, but they can be deeply arousing to get on with the next step!! They act as a fantastic sex toy like LELO Ina 2 to give you those thrilling sensations. In addition, as you already know that the luna beads also work to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles. 

These reasons are motivating enough to invest in the top-notch quality LELO Luna beads from Jou Jou Luxe. Visit their official website and place your order now!!

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