Shopping Safety Bollards? – 5 Expert Tips You Must Follow!

Finding good safety bollards is a challenging task. And it becomes more complex when you have a wide range of options to choose from. In any case, having expert assistance always helps in making the right decision. 

So here are the top 5 tips that you can follow to choose the right safety bollards.

#1 Consider The Type And Strength Of Material

Before placing an order for bollards from any store, check the quality of the material used in them. It should withstand all the environmental calamities. Moreover, it should also be coated with long-lasting salt spray and primer coating. 

This will make them corrosion-free and resistant to rust. In addition to these coatings, the material should be strong enough to handle harsh impacts. Whether you want to buy fixed bollards or removable bollards, always go with stainless steel ones. They are not only strong but also durable. 

#2 Go With Bollards That Are Highly Noticeable

Property owners mainly use bollards for creating a visual deterrence for preventing intentional or unintentional crashes. And this visual deterrence will only be produced if people can notice your bollards from a distance. And for that, they must be coated with a bright finish like bold yellow or red. 

So the colour variants you must prefer are- red and bright yellow. However, bollards are available in many shades. But it’s totally upon you, which one would you think is highly noticeable. You can also ask your seller – if finalised any – to add reflective tape on your bollards. It will make it more visible.

#3 Try Various Styles Of Bollards

Bollards are available in various styles for various purposes – fixed and removable, commonly. Fixed bollards are generally used in areas where the need for permanent protection is high. For example- in front of a construction site, road renovation, etc. 

On the other hand, collapsible and removable bollards are used in areas where temporary safeguarding is required. They can easily be removed and help to create a flush surface allowing vehicular access.

#4 Choose Those Bollards That Requires Low Maintenance

After installing your bollards, the last thing you want is to spend most of your time repairing or maintaining them. That’s why it’s always recommended to choose the highest quality stainless steel bollards with hinge pins. They require the least maintenance and come in both removable and permanent style. 

However, when you are shopping online, it’s always tough to determine the maintenance capability until you have them in hand. To get an idea of the quality – read the reviews and testimonials of the brand’s previous clients. It’ll help you know if the brand deals in high-quality products or bad ones.

#5 Make Sure To Buy Those Bollards That Comes With Warranty

When you are shopping for bollards, make sure to check the warranty period the brand offers. Your bollard must prevent accidents and withstand substantial impacts of the crashes. But if somehow it fails, having a warranty card will help you a lot. 

Always go with those sellers who provide a warranty for all the damages that might occur due to the failure of their bollards. The minimum warranty period you should go with is one year. Don’t buy any product less than that warranty period.

Final Words

If you wish to purchase good and reliable bollards, these will make your job easier. Follow them correctly and you’ll successfully find the right safety bollard seller. Also, if you want us to share more tips like these, comment “MORE TIPS” below. You can also ask any questions related to bollard shopping, in the comment section. We’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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