Sherry dyson: Everything you need to know about her

Real Name:    Sherry Dyson

Profession:    Mathematician

Hair Colour:    Black

Eye Colour:    Black

Birth Place:    Virginia, USA

Nationality:    American

Religion:             Christian

Hometown:    Virginia, USA

Wife/Spouse:    Christopher Paul Gardner Known As Chris Gardner

Marriage Date:    June 18, 1977

Marital Status:    Divorced

Divorce Year:    1986

Son:                  Christopher Jarett Gardner Jr.

Net Worth:    $100,000


Sherry Dyson is a mathematics educational expert. She was born in Virginia, a U.S. state in the southeast. She became popular because of her husband Christopher Paul Gardner, aka Chris Gardner. They tied the knot on June 18, 1977. Her husband Chris Gardner is a well-known American Businessmen, Investor, and Stock Broker. 

They have a son together whose name is Christopher Jarrett Gardner Jr.   They got divorced after nine years. Sherry and Chris were legally divorced in 1986. Christopher was born on January 28, 1981. When he was 4 years his parents got divorced. Court gave him the right to stay with his father.

Sherry Dyson, now Chris Gardner’s ex-wife, became popular when Chris Gardner’s autobiography was published in 2006 in the form of a film. The name of the autobiography is the Pursuit of Happyness. 

What was the reason behind the divorce?

The relationship between Sherry Dyson and her husband started fading away because he decided to leave his medical career and start something new. They had differences in their thoughts, perceptions, and behavior.

Chris Gardner had an affair with a dental student whose name was Jackie Medina. She got pregnant with his child only a few months into the affair. After three years of marriage to Sherry, he left her to move in with Jackie and to prepare for fatherhood. Nine years passed before Sherry and Chris were legally divorced in 1986. 

Sherry was left alone when Chris went on to live with his girlfriend, Jackie three years after their marriage. The relationship was broken and the marriage could not succeed and it finally ended when Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner decided to get legally divorced in 1986 after 9 years of marriage.

What happened to Sherry Dyson after Divorce?

There is not much information available about Sherry Dyson. Little information known about her is taken from the book, “The Pursuit of Happyness”. You must read this book, authored by Chris Gardner himself if you are a success seeker and if you need real motivation. The book can help you succeed in your life or carrier.

Net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $100,000.

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