Sex IRL: Discussion With People Who Prefer Using Sex Toys Like LELO Luna Beads With Their Partners

Sex toys are for both male and female and using them to enhance sexual pleasure is the right thing to do.


Even though sex toys like LELO Luna Beads is a favorite toy for many of them, there are still some rumors about how the males feel about them. The real question here is why do straight boys feel uncomfortable when their girls are using sex toys? Let us get started with the discussion without any further ado.


Taking into account that most of the women are unable to reach orgam through intercourse alone, and reach climax with sex toys easily, we understand where the main issue is. According to immense research, most of the boys assume that their girls will be replacing them with a sex toy. Well, this is not the reality. There is no competition going on between the boys and sex toys. Sex toys are suitable for both the sexualities and can be used alone and together. Most of them are not aware of the fact that sexual intercourse is actually improved if sex toys are used. Hence, to all the boys and girls out there, think no further and get your hands on a sex toy you need. Count on the experts at Joujou Luxe LELO Specialist now.  We take pride offer sex toys that provide the best orgasm. Next, we have been in the business for years and know what our customers need. This is why we offer only the best sex toys to them. For more information, visit our website and have a look. Also, subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals.

Continue reading this piece of information where we have had a discussion about people using sex toys like LELO Ora 3.

  • My man asked me “is it okay to use a vibrator while I am fucking you?”: Yes, the experts at Joujou Luxe LELO Specialist say that it is totally safe and all right to make use of a vibrator during sexual intercourse. The only thing that matters here is consent. If both the partners agree to use a vibrator, then things will pretty much go in the right direction. If any one of them feels uncomfortable or is not wanting to use it, respect the decision and then move is no competition going on between the boys and sex toys. Sex toys are suitable for both the sexualities and can be used alone and together.
  • We are a little shy in using sex toys. What to do?: For anyone who wants to use a sex toy and is just a bit shy, know that this feeling is completely normal. Take some time and make your mind first. Try using it and see if you are comfortable. Do you like the feeling? Are you able to use it in the right manner? Consider such questions and then make a decision.


To learn more about sex toys and questions related to them, get in touch with us at Joujou Luxe LELO Specialist today. We will be more than happy to help you.

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