Role of a plumber in unblocking blocked drain

Blocked drains are the most common plumbing issues faced by normal households across the world. The worst things about blockages are that they often strike when it is least expected. Thus,  it takes a huge effort to stay prepared for dealing with one. If the drains are left out untreated, a drain blockage can cause plenty of water leakage from your drains.  Water leakage can cause many challenges like flu and water-borne diseases. Besides, they can cause severe blockages that are further causing a burst of pipes. This can call for highly expensive repairs. Take a look at the basic options that plumbers use to help you get rid of drain blockages. 

1. Hydro  jet or small water

The plumbers are familiar with the use of this equipment. This equipment is effective in clearing blockages in stormwater drains and sewers. Besides, this tool is used to clear out the waste pipes. To clear the blockage, nozzles, and hoses with different sizes coupled with back and forward jets are fed into this tool to clear the severe blockages. The plumbers use this for sewage blockage clearing that is caused due to thick layers of grease. 

2. CCTV and snake

For more serious blockage problems, the plumbers use electric eel equipment and the plumber’s snake tool for clearing blocked sewer pipes. The cable spins consist of a rotating coil at one end. This rotating cable spin can successfully chip away at the clogged surface till it gets cleared out completely. As snakes have limited access, the blockage has to be located at the opening of the drain’s surface. They can cause several damages to your pipes as well. The plumber’s snake can be purchased from any hardware store. However, you should try to hire a licensed and authentic plumber to get the job done on your behalf. 

In extreme blockage problems, it is highly recommendable for you to hire a professional plumber for handling the pipes that require expertise and excavation. 

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