Is That A Real Cash Cow?

What is Sunrise Cash Cow?

There is a channel on channel 7 Monday to Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. AEST/AEDT, it is none other than an integral part of Sunrise Show and is named The Sunrise Cash Cow. The show features one champion every other day who is laced with 125 prize victors accompanying the advancements that took place gradually in the year 2019. 

If there is any face that features the winner not capable of answering the questions which bring in three rings, then the gold mine with worth dollar 10,000 for a particular day is transferred to the next day and its return is marked with the next day’s victor giving the call an answer.

Here’s the beginning and end you are needed to think about the Sunrise Cash cow rivalry: 

1. Who are the people that are qualified for being a part of the sunrise cash cow and winning the prizes?

The spectators that are wanting to win the qualification for earning a prize in the show need to have the beneath written qualifications,

 a). Every morning their routine should include watching the Sunrise show so that they can get a hold of the step code featured in the show. then they are supposed to very well consider the number that has been showcased and SMS that particular code with complete information about their name States contact number and the place where they reside.

b). The spectators who are watching the show with full attention can use any of the code words from the total 124 words that have been shown or given away in the show and get qualified for the show.

c). The set limit for eligibility to appear in the show is 18 years.

d). They should be spotted only where the channel 7 signs are easily available. 

The people that have been employed by the Channel 7 framework, or people who are closely related to the family are not eligible for taking part or entering the Cash Cow. Also, the people who are related to the show with some passive means like any auxiliary association are also not qualified for the segment, Cash Cow.

2. What is the amount that you have to pay to get into the sunrise cash cow rivalry?

The viewers have to take various headstrong decisions so that they can enter the step code and their contact information.

a). They have to make a call to 1902 55 77 07 to the payment of $0.55 for fixed lines (mobiles always cost extra).

b). The code can be sent through SMS to the no. 19 777 077 with the sending charge of $0.55. 

c). They can use their PDAs to bolt on to the Sunrise site and snap-on gold mine before picking between different other options (One passage at $0.55, Two sections at $1.05, Five passages for $2.50, 15 passages for $7 or 20 passages for $9). 

d). Any compartment that is made tags subjects to the viewer’s own judgment.

Watchers must recall that fantastic organizations are not available with all telephone providers. It’s ideal for certifying this with your provider before entering the advancement. Watchers can enter the headway as often as possible as they need, yet they can win simply a solitary time. Tenants of South Australia are the uncommon case to this standard where they may win more than once. 

3. What takes place while in the opposition? 

To give a check to the opposition the spectators must be able to fathom the forthcoming events and clear the laid conditions. Below are some advancements you need to look forward to considering the Sunrise Cash Cow:

a). Every vector that is invited to the show, at any rate, is provided with dollar 10000 on the day or the more gigantic stake opening with a whole if the victor from the day before wasn’t able to play as expected.

b). If there is a case where the victim is not able to answer his call during the three ranges that are provided then the victor is provided with dollar 500 as an emblem for their participation and the prize money lost is added to the forthcoming day.

c). If the champ is able to decipher the prize money on answering the call they are awarded the huge prize money.

d). At the moment that a watcher agrees to participate in the progression, they recognize each article need related to the resistance – including gatherings, photography, and that is just a glimpse of something larger. The framework is allowed to use this overall account media around the world with no cost. 

e). Vectors are not allowed to provide the story or offer any kind of images to someone in an opponent relationship with Channel 7 framework.

f). In the directions provided by the sponsors, the champions available have to sign a defining archive.

If there is any substantial unclaimed stake a drive after the resistance, the last draw will be grasped involving all non-winning members. The champs of the last large stake can simply win up to $10,000 each. The hard and fast number of victors is dependent upon the remainder of the enormous stake regard. 

All vectors are educated within 2 days of undertaking the draw by methods for the call. A letter will similarly be conveyed to them. Their names will, in like manner, be dispersed in The Australian in the ‘open warning’s fragment. It’s fundamental to observe that the decision of the publicist is indisputable and there can be no inquiries regarding the victors. 

4. How does the Channel 7 Network handle part data? 

When you think of taking bath in the sunrise cash cow contentions you have to upgrade to the security procedure that has been put forward by the sunrise show. Below are some of the points to focus on:

a). The sponsor arranges keeps up whatever authority is expected to hold the part nuances of every part, incorporating precise information with the ultimate objective of the resistance. This consolidates perceiving champs and mulling over viewership economics. 

b). The framework will manage each and every individual datum subject to the security system of the channel. This contains information about how near and dear information can be gotten to, cured, and protested about if key. 

c). The framework may choose to reveal singular data of members to its partners, related substances, and external expert associations for profiling and investigation purposes.

 d). Any person who participates in the resistance agrees to this security procedure and the framework using singular data to send significant undertakings, organizations, and things open through them and their associates.

e). In some instances, the framework will send singular data to partners who may choose to talk about it clearly with individuals. 

5. How does the victorious call work from Channel 7 ? 

Specific conditions regarding how winners answer get the initial segment of the day on the show. The hosts, close by the first light mother lode, announce that they will call the champ. Here are the conditions of the call: 

Winners must get the call inside 3 rings to ensure their prize money else they ought to surrender it and will simply get $500 as help. The surrendered gold mine will be reached out for the next day’s pool. 

a). Any winner is reached on the telephone number outfitted with their passage. 

b). On the occasion that someone else gets the phone (not the victor), the hosts of the show have the judgment to close if to allow the money to the champ. 

c). On the occasion that the call goes to an answering mail or voice message, the entry is respected invalid, and the victor won’t get the prize money. 

d). The has endeavor to call the Cash Cow champ someplace in the scope of 5.30 am, and 9 am AEST. There isn’t anything explicitly that should be said at this point victors must answer inside 3 rings. 

6. Disqualification of contenders or the individual’s relationship with the resistance 

Every so often, the headway will undoubtedly be not able to run as scored. This could happen because of different reasons. If a candidate or any individual is found presenting any of these issues, by then the framework keeps up whatever authority is expected to block members, drop the resistance, and take some other reasonable action. A bit of these issue consolidates anyway are not compelled to: 

a). Altering 

b). Extortion and twofold dealings

c). Specialized disillusionments

d). Unapproved impedances

If there is an issue with the entry strategy or any member tries to join the resistance in a bogus manner, the framework will use its carefulness to prohibit the individual or even drop or change the opposition. 


1. How does Cash Cow work? 

Watch Sunrise for the simple codeword, at that point SMS the code word, your complete name, and address to 19 777 077. Single SMS sections will be charged at the unprecedented pace of $0.55 (counting GST).  

2. For what reason can I presently don’t enter by utilizing my cell phone? 

Sadly, the Direct Carrier Billing administration will be stopped on 7 December 2000. All transporters will stop to offer this administration inside Australia. You can, in any case, enter through SMS. 

3. For what reason can I presently don’t enter by calling the 1902 number? 

Sadly, the foundation permitting 1902 calls has been ended by the transporter who gives the telephone lines, and the administration is not, at this point accessible in Australia. You can, in any case, enter using SMS. 

4. Would I be able to utilize my home telephone number when entering using SMS, so I am approached this number on the off chance that I win? 

Indeed, you can. When entering through SMS, incorporate the simple code word, your complete name, address and home telephone number and we will call that number rather than your portable number on the off chance that you win. 

5. What’s the Cash Cow code word for now? 

The cash cow code cannot be deciphered this is because they give diverse and changing throughout the week and in a very consistent manner. If you somehow didn’t get a hold of it you can check it out on 7 plus.

6. When does the process of drawing out takes place in cash cow?

It is drawn out in a manner that’s absurdly chosen out of the public pool that has been created during the say in 4:40 pm AEDT/AEST (Sydney time). The chosen contestants are contacted by the sunrise during the conducted the next se and if the contestant actually and picking up the call within three rings they will be awarded a cash prize.

7. What would it be advisable for me to state when the Cash Cow calls?

We will attempt to call the Cash Cow to draw champ during Sunrise between 5.30 am, and 9 am. You don’t have to state anything expressly when you pick up the telephone, yet you do have to reply within three rings! If you don’t get, or if the call goes to the phone message, you’ll pass up a significant opportunity – and the Cash Cow prize will be a bonanza to the following day. 

8. What might be the reasons for MI not receiving any information through SMS?

When you are appealing for being a part of a cash cow and you do not receive any message of confirmation or might also not pop up. What you have to do is not be stressed because you have been charged for the information you send and as you are a part of the draw.

9. Do the showcase cash cow on the weekends?

The sunrise show provides you with the gold mine all over the week. The day-to-day code that is showcased on Channel seven can be utilized by you from Monday to Friday. There is no code word that is being shared by the show at the close of the week.