Know Everything About the Air Conditioning System Services of Cars

Air conditioning is the basic comfort feature of cars and it must remain in flawless working condition. Even a minor malfunctioning can create big troubles, especially during the hot days. Imagine you are driving for a long distance on a hot summer day and the AC suddenly stops cooling. What could be the solution? There are DIY techniques to inflate the tire, replace a fuse or refill coolant but the air conditioning system is more complicated. Only a professional aircon service provider can figure out and rectify the issues. Here is a list of some most common reasons behind the malfunctioning of your car’s air conditioning system:- 

  • Blocked condenser
  • Electric supply issues
  • Malfunctioning in cooling fan
  • Worn out compressor
  • Leaking refrigerant gas
  • Broken condenser
  • Blockage in the air intake
  • Damaged blower resistor
  • Belts damage

If any of these problems start occurring, you can notice some initial warnings. We are mentioning those indications in detail here. 

Symptoms signifying the malfunctioning in the air conditioning system

  • Unpleasant odor

The air conditioning system has some sensitive and fragile parts that get infected by bacteria. This problem mostly occurs during the monsoon season. Also, mold and fungus grow if the AC remains unused for a long time. When you turn on the AC, it produces adequate cool air but smells like mildew. Worn out air filters are the main reason for this problem. Dust, dirt and moisture gradually build up in the pipe that becomes the reason for bad odor. contact an auto air conditioning service provider who can replace your air filter and add an antibacterial solution to eliminate the annoying smell. 

  • Weird noise

Sometimes, the air conditioning system produces weird noise while turning on. This noise usually comes from the running compressor. Continuous use of AC damage the internal components of the compressor. Instead of repairing, replacement is a more reliable solution. Debris clogged in the hoses the reason for causing that weird noise. Sometimes, normal cleaning can also serve the purpose. 

  • Inadequate cooling

If the coolant is draining from your air conditioning system aur there is an electrical fault, the driver can experience inefficient cooling. The wiring issue can solve the problem but ask the mechanic to check the hoses and compressor carefully for faulty leakage. If the coolant is leaking, it will soon create big trouble with multiple malfunctionings. 

  • No air at all

If no cool air is coming while turning on the AC or it is producing hot air in the cabin, consider jammed suction lines as the main reason. Only contact an expert air conditioning service provider. A faulty air compressor is also a reason for not blowing cool air. 

  • Damp vehicle floor

In some cases, we can also notice water on the floorboards. This is the second stage of malfunctioning if you don’t pay attention to the foul smell. Due to contamination, if the film builds on the drainage line that results in clogging. Consequently, water produced from the condensation process fills inside and gradually starts dripping on the floor. 

Whenever you visit a mechanic for normal maintenance, don’t forget to consider the aircon service.