Promote Your Website – Increase Traffic to Your Website


Promoting your website using organic traffic is the most effective way to get targeted visitors to your website without incurring the added expense. Even though there are many approaches, we discovered that you can increase your website traffic if you use a strategy that engages in re-purposing quality content and using the information to serve other related promotional strategies.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the best ways you can promote your website or blog. The process is easy but follows certain guidelines laid out by the editorial teams of the article directories. Basic punctuation, spelling and grammar are paramount in all editorial guidelines, however, selecting a topic to write about is also important in article marketing.

Promoting a high-ranking page on your website can be the foremost strategy to adapt where the keyword relating to that page then becomes your target keyword or target topic to write about.

A keyword density of about 3% is appropriate but should merge seamlessly with sentences and alternatives or synonymous relevant words can be used instead of repeating the same words. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is the technical term used by the search engines to describe similarities associated with contextual meaning.

Most articles directories will permit two URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) in your resource box. Use the resource box to point links to your URL although most article directories will only permit top-level URL linkages.

Some Forums sites also permit articles to be submitted. In general, your articles should be of very high quality to warrant it to generate an overwhelming amount of traffic to your website or blog.

Compelling Offer

Whenever you give people the reason to click through to your website, you indirectly end up increasing traffic to your website in the form of visitors who are interested in your offer, thereby promoting your website or blog. The idea is to leverage your sales funnel by directing this traffic to your squeeze page.

Content Syndication Sites

Creating exclusive articles for top content syndication websites is another method of promoting your website or blog and create a following.

Another strategy is to re-purpose your content for distribution. With this method, content is converted into PDF and then submitted to a website which accepts this mode of syndication and traffic generation

Social Media Marketing

Also called viral marketing is another method where attention is drawn to your website or blog, here you leverage social networking tools like You-Tube, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and others. Social media has become the game-changer. It engages your visitors and draws their attention to your market and communicate to them what you are promoting on your website.

Sometimes all that is needed could be 140 characters of text to engage your visitors.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting will promote your website or blog and it is rewarding if you do it correctly. The process begins by searching for related blogs in your niche, read the blog post, and then write a comment which will be reviewed by a moderator to be approved or deleted as spam. Your comment should be on-topic and relevant to the blog about which you are commenting. More often than not, you find people posting unrelated comments on blogs to earn a reciprocal back-links.

Social Bookmarking

Submit your site to top social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Stumble-Upon, Delicious, Twitter, Digg. This is a way to make your website available by means of organized chronological tags to promote your website.

Web 2.0 Properties

Register with the top Web 2.0 Sites like Blogger, Squidoo, Hub-Pages. These sites have very high page ranks and Alexa Ranking. Your website benefits from the overall weight of the web 2.0 web property, like their page rank. Whenever you create a page on any of these web 2.0 properties and point a URL to your main site, you indirectly promote your website passing on high-ranking back-links to your main website.

The content on your web 2.0 site needs to be unique and of the highest quality in order to gain relevancy and the benefit of high traffic to your main site.

Video Marketing

You realize that most people do not promote their website on You-Tube although the process can be made easier if organized properly. The procedure can be as easy as uploading to a PowerPoint presentation to YouTube.


Websites can be promoted in numerous ways and the most frequently used approaches are article marketing, social bookmarking, video marketing, and many more not mentioned in this article. But as you get familiar with these methods, one realizes that the underlining tenet of promoting one’s website relies heavily on writing and sharing of information. For this reason, the adaptation of the content and re-purposing the information to serve other promotional methods can become the main strategy when promoting a website or blog.

My name is Austin Affor. I am a researcher, an aspiring writer, and have been an internet marketer for over 4 years. What I tend to do is find formulae that work without too many complicated guidelines and then follow the same steps and if it works for me, I then repeat those steps again and again.