Understand the meaning and importance of fire safety signs!

According to the safety norms, all workplaces must abide by the safety guidelines for their employees’ health and welfare. All workplaces are required to have adequate fire-fighting equipment, emergency routes, emergency exits, and safety signs. Fire safety signs warn and instruct individuals at the workplace about the potential risk if not followed as directed. Without accurate fire safety signage, the safety of employees of an organization is prone to great harm. Check out the below-mentioned importance of having fire safety signs and where they must be displayed:

1. Escape routes and doors:

The escape doors and emergency exits are made for emergencies such as fire or other emergencies. These routes and doors must be labelled properly to route the employees to a safe area. The arrows of the escape routes must be placed all along the routes and also in the corridors, staircases, or hallways.

2. Illuminated signs:

Since offices operate in the day as well as night shifts, it is crucial to make signs with illuminating material that can be seen at day or night clearly. Moreover, illuminating fire safety signs also ensure to glow up even when there is a power cut.  

3. Direction to the quickest safety route:

Large buildings contain more than one safety route due to the presence of a large number of people. However, the direction of arrows should prioritize to tell the nearest fire escape passages. Each fire safety signs have directional arrows, which should point to a more efficient route out.

4. Supplementary Text:

There are many individuals who may fail to read the signs due to not having English as their primary language, poor vision, or the ones suffering from dyslexia. Supplementary text, along with graphical symbols, ensures that the meaning of the fire safety signs is communicated effectively. There must be necessary adjustments for the disabled, like displaying braille and tactile fire safety besides the standard signs to everyone informed and safe.

5. Positioning of signs:

All fire safety signs are required to be positioned at an appropriate height to be in everyone’s vision. According to the British Standard Institute, signs positioned above the door should be 2m from the floor, and signs on the walls should be 1.7m above the floor.

6. Learning Sessions:

Businesses should arrange teaching sessions for their employees to make them aware of various safety fire signs with their accurate meaning. Additionally, it is a good idea to teach the employees about different fire extinguishers and how to use them in case of emergency efficiently.


It is necessary to position fire safety signs in the offices or commercial buildings to provide accurate health and safety information to the employees. Safety signs play are crucial to warn you about any hazard, provide instructions regarding the exit ways, and much much. The colors used to make safety signs should preferably be red, green, yellow, or blue that can be seen from a distance. Moreover, the signs must contain images, words, or a combination of both to communicate the message clearly to everyone, including people who cannot read English, dyslexic individuals, and others. Special arrangements such as signs written braille shall be positioned at an adequate height to help anyone and everyone in need.