How To Use Lymphatic Paddle at Home on Your Face and Body

These days people are looking for wellness gurus for their overall health. However, it’s challenging for some people to take out time for consulting wellness coaches and follow their strict guidelines. In such a scenario, the lymphatic paddle comes up with a convenient solution. They are easy to use, and you don’t need to visit the wellness centers as they can be used at home. With consistent usage, several benefits are attained, such as water retention, reduced swelling, boosted circulation, improved immune function, and more. 

In this article, you will learn about the right way to use a lymphatic drainage tool on your face and body. 

What is Lymph?

Humans have the lymphatic system that carries the fluids moving through the body’s arteries & tissues. Unlike the functioning of the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have the pump to push the lymph throughout the body. Hence, when the lymphatic system starts functioning poorly, then the drainage massage is required to stimulate the system. 

How to Use? 

  • Before using the lymphatic drainage paddle, it’s essential to clean the body with a quality dry body brush and then process with the shower. 
  • Post shower, apply a premium body oil such as coconut oil or the one that you have used for many years. 
  • Start with the face as the facial massage aids in the reduction of stress and tension. Moreover, you will experience the major skin advantages, i.e., brighter skin, smooth texture, and improved complexion. People who are struggling with wrinkles or aging skin can make better use of it. 
Take a Note 

People suffering from sensitive skin ensure to use a different oil for the face as the skin of the entire body and face has a difference. Face skin is light and sensitive and is more prone to skin issues.


  • Massage the paddle in a circular motion and don’t press it hard as it can create itching or redness. Once the facial massage is done, then continue the massage from neck to shoulders, shoulders to arms, stomach to thighs, thighs to lower leg. Hence you are going from top to bottom. Repeat it two or three times per day for fast & effective results.
  • After a massage, if you see any redness, then don’t get afraid. It’s very normal to have redness as people massage a bit hard. When the massage is done a bit harder, then it boosts blood circulation. Moreover, when massaging with a lymphatic tool, ensure you are taking deep breaths for having a relaxing & grounding experience. 

Final Words 

It’s paramount to maintain the lymphatic system. As mentioned above, the system doesn’t have a pump like a heart. So, it needs an external tool that helps the lymphatic system to work adequately. Many health experts have recommended the lymphatic drainage paddle to people. Above, we have discussed the general guidelines to massage with lymphatic tools. Hence, people suffering from blood clots, active lymphatic infection, swelling with no cause, stress, congestive heart failure, etc., can opt for this drainage tool.