How To Eliminate Noise In Water Supply Systems?

The noise from home installations is usually very unpleasant. It can be the result of the failure of one of the devices, as well as manufacturing or design errors. How to install the water supply system correctly to prevent noise? what to do when they appeared and how to find a local plumber near me?  

In order to avoid problems with noise emanating from the installation during operation, it is worth taking care of it already during construction. It is easier to prevent this phenomenon than to fix it later. Often it is impossible to simply correct the mistake, since the entire water supply system will have to be completely disassembled, and this is associated with serious construction work. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the design of the installation and implementation in accordance with this project, as well as hiring a local plumber near me with the appropriate knowledge and skills.

  • Soundproofing system

When installing water and heating equipment, it is necessary to remember about sound insulation, which is just as important as insulation, which limits heat loss and condensation . All of these systems can have the same material. The main thing is to use products designed for this purpose. They are soft and tear-resistant materials. They usually have an adhesive layer that helps make the pipes stronger. In addition, a special tape is used when combining different sections of insulation. It is not only the right material that is important, but also the way it is laid. It is necessary to carefully insulate pipes and connections so that acoustic bridges do not occur, that is, places without insulation.

Noise can also occur if the mounting pipes are too rigid . All connections between the installation and the building structure, as well as through walls and ceilings, are places that promote sound propagation. To prevent this, it is worth using a tempering valve with flexible rubber inserts and clamps to the insulation whenever possible. In addition, pipe passages through ceilings must be filled with flexible material so that the unit is not too tightly connected to the structure. Soundproofing must also cover all pipes running in the walls.

To reduce sewer noise, instead of conventional polypropylene pipes, you can use low-noise pipes and fittings, which are made from materials with better sound absorption. Manufacturers offer whole low-noise sewer systems, in which each element is made to minimize sound propagation.

It is also important that, during the design phase of the building, the designer ensures that all water systems are separated from the living quarters. Ideally, they should be located as far away as possible, but if this is not possible, they should have proper soundproofing, designed in advance.

What to do when the noise has just started?

If noise comes from the water system in your home , the first step is to find out the cause and try to fix the tap spindle. What can cause noise in the water supply system? Below are some of the most common reasons.

In central heating systems, clicking noise is often heard from the radiator. This may be a factory defect in the device that we cannot do anything about, but the noise can also be caused by improper connection of the heatsink. Make sure the supply and return lines are not upside down. If water flows from the radiator to where it should flow, then the thermostatic valve is not working properly. This problem often occurs in bottom-connected radiators. The easiest way to fix this is to change the bottom connector by replacing it with a crossover kit.

Noise can also be heard in radiators when the device fails. A malfunctioning pump can cause noise from the radiator, although the installation itself, which caused the noise, may be far away.

Another common cause of noise from central heating installations is air in pipes and radiators. In this case, simply bleed the installation and the problem will disappear.

Sometimes there is noise in the heating system , caused by too fast flow of water. This issue occurs due to improper installation or designer error.

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