How Sms Broadcasting Software Can Help To Improve Business Presence

In the last one year, most adults have seen their screen time rise by at least one- third of the total time spent previously. People are spending an increased share of time on their phones while being away from the hustle-bustle of regular times. Our altered behavior has impacted everything that we interact with on a daily basis. According to App Annie, the Covid-19 pandemic saw up to a 45% increase in time spent on mobile phone applications over the last two years. 

However, amid all this the oldest of the lot –SMS or Short messaging service has not lost its sheen. SMS offers the most personalized way of communication with the recipient. With an approximate 90 seconds taken to answer a text message, it offers almost immediate engagement for companies. It is no surprise that companies are betting big on SMS broadcasting software to increase their presence. According to Verified Research, global SMS marketing software is growing at a CAGR of 20.40% to reach $24,687. 10 million by 2028.  

As one of the most powerful and short communication tools (read 160 characters), SMS can help companies in many ways. For instance, an e-commerce company can use it to nudge customers to go back to their abandoned carts, send  discount codes and personalized marketing offers. While a hospital or a clinic can avail the SMS broadcasting software for appointments on test reports, scheduled visits, announcing annual health check offers and other schemes. 

Many experts predict SMS becoming a distinct distribution channel, where users can complete their entire purchase journey quickly via SMS, stored card details included. SMS and voice broadcasts are set to open new avenues for increasing business presence and improve customer experience. 

The key advantages of SMS and voice broadcast are:

  • Unified channel across device 

The biggest advantage of SMS is its usage notwithstanding the restrictions of a phone handset. You can use SMS and voice broadcast without worrying about the customer’s phone configuration. 

In the same way, one cannot ignore a ringing phone. Voice broadcasts let you convey the message to millions in a few seconds effectively.

  • Better response rate

It takes 90 seconds on average to respond to a text message and 90 minutes to respond to an email. With a message open rate of  98%, it makes business sense for companies to invest in SMS broadcast software.

The personalized way of communication means a better response rate at around 45% than the dismal 6% for email. 

  • Supports marketing campaigns

You can use SMS and voice broadcasts together with digital and marketing campaigns. The use of SMS and voice alongside email, push notification, and other channels make it an effective and integrated campaign strategy.Take the case of US-based Carl’s Jr. The company launched one of the most successful SMS marketing campaigns. The fast-food chain sent out an SMS broadcast to its customers, offering a $6 burger-and-fries combo at $2.99 for a limited time.

Carl’s Jr SMS marketing recipe may be simple, but the results are impressive. Almost 20% of SMS recipients redeemed their offer. And the company earned $14 for every $1 spent on the SMS campaign. 

  • Customer tracking

SMS and voice broadcast software lets the user monitor and measures the performance of the campaign. 

  • Ease-of-use and cost effective

The simple means of SMS and voice broadcast are the most cost-effective means for reaching out to the masses at a click.

Once you make up your mind to install SMS and voice broadcasting software, you will need to identify the right vendor that can also customize the software to meet your needs. Fortunately, HoduSoft offers one of the best broadcasting software for SMS and voice at umatched value. 

Key features of HoduBlast voice and SMS broadcasting software

  • Multi-tenant

The multi-tenant solution, HoduBlast offers multilingual support and a text-to-speech facility to communicate in a better way with target groups in their preferred language. It is suitable for political entities with a presence in multiple places. Each locale is treated as a distinct unit and becomes a tenant, managing separate records and accounts.

  • Multi-level IVR

With a multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system it becomes easier to personalize messaging as IVR is used to generate call-to-action. HoduBlast offers many levels in the multi-level IVR. Political parties can collect voters’ feedback and research their preferences, needs, and habits.

  • Track and manage leads

HoduBlast provides a complete overview of lead activity and tracking details for campaigns. A campaign manager can upload the leads into the system or manually enter lead details. 

  • Job scheduler

This feature enables the administration of a large volume of calls and SMS efficiently. The job scheduler helps in the automation of operations, like when and what time the task should run, how many simultaneous calls need to be sent out etc. 

  • Real time analytics and reports

HoduBlast’s real-time analytics and reports offer an overview of how your campaign fared. Also, the live dashboard updates data instantly to take advantage of the statistics in improvising business operations or enhancing productivity.

  • Campaign management

HoduBlast enables hosting and handling campaigns from a single point dashboard. Whether you want to maximize your outreach or send pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech, it is a one-stop solution. The key benefits of the campaign management tool for elections emanate from:

  • Increased engagement and interactions 
  • Effortless outreach activity
  • Overview of campaign activity
  • Schedule and customize campaign 
  • Use of analytics and reports for informed decision making

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