How a Level 2 Electrician can help with New Constructions

As the population grows it becomes more necessary to build more housing to meet the needs. Property and landowners look at ways to make the most of their properties and local councils are building more new developments. Whatever the scenario and reasons for the new construction, it means there is a demand for an accredited level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire and beyond.

Hiring an Electrician – Here is What You Need to Know

  1. Installing new switchboards and meters – Whether the construction is from a completely new build or it is changing a single larger property into multiple smaller ones, meters will be needed to read the power usage of each unit which is what the billing is based on.
  2. Bringing power to the construction sites – As a construction site grows provisional power is got to be there so that tools and equipment can be made use of.
  3. Putting in and repairing overhead and underground connections to the main power grid – A level 2 electrician Sutherland can also help with working both overhead and underground power lines.
  4. Keeping the site safe – Level 2 electricians have the duty of keeping the site safe to work on for everyone when it comes to the power use. They also can make sure the property itself is safe when it is complete.
  5. Electrical mains upgrade – If the property needs an upgrade in power to 3 phase, then a level 2 electrician has to be there to perform that as well as the electrical meter upgrades for it.
  6. Connecting and disconnecting electrical power supply – There are limits to what a standard electrician can handle when it comes to construction sites. A licensed level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire can help with disconnecting a property’s power supply so it is safe to take down, and connecting new properties when they are ready.
  7. Restoring and repairing power supply with an already built property – Sometimes existing power cables can become damaged from the construction work and that can lead to a risk to people’s safety and an issue with the power supply. A level 2 electrician is who you need to carry out repairs.


When looking for level 2 electricians it is important to check their credentials. There are some that might claim to be level 2 but do not actually have a license. Because of the nature of level 2 electrical work, it is essential you can see proof of their certification so you can trust they have the right training and are legally allowed to work.

You can also be more sure of their knowledge not just for the work itself but for the regulations and acts involved in what they can do. Whether you are renovating a property, turning a larger home into apartments, part of a new build or part of the building of a whole new housing development, find a level 2 electrician Sutherland with a good reputation and a license and you are good to go.

These are general tips to hire an electrician. A level 2 electrician would be able to make the right recommendation in accordance with local construction regulations.

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