Here Are Important Benefits Of Moonstone Necklace

Just like its name, the Moonstone gem derives its properties from the planet Moon. This semi-precious stone has been an alluring gem since prehistoric times. It is a common mineral in Feldspar where it is extracted and possesses remarkable properties that benefit the wearer in several ways. This gemstone is considered the divine gem by Romans and Greek (by associating their Gods and Goddesses).

It is a personalised stone that initiates a fresh start with rejuvenated energy reflecting the true self of the wearer. In Australia, pendant necklaces are made from this stone and can be essentially classified into man-made and naturally retrieved sources.

Many love this gemstone because:
  • It brings harmony and properties and is said to have the properties of healing as well.
  • There are many stores (online and physical ones)that stock natural stone jewelry and are considered the best fit for any occasion.
  • Some of the natural stone jewellery includes sapphire, ruby, emeralds, diamonds, and gemstones like moonstones that give rejuvenated energy to the wearer.

If you are looking to know more about the benefits of gemstone and its applications in rings, earrings, and pendants in Australia, keep on reading:

Several stores  

Moonstone Jewellery in Australia

Moonstone jewellery is preferred by many jewellery-enthusiasts around the world, primarily known to awaken feminine energy.

  • It generates a tranquil and sensual feeling and has the power to give passion.
  • This is typically embraced with gleaming white energy and is a protective gem that is believed to push the negativity.
  • It also re-energises the mind, body, and soul and this stone is available in different colours like peach, pink, green, grey, brown, blue, grey, and transparent.
  • The blue moonstones that are found in India and Sri Lanka are very popular since they are quite rare.
  • Moonstones are found in several countries around the world including Australia, the USA, Norway, and Brazil.
Reasons to get a moonstone necklace

A moonstone necklace symbolizes many things like a new beginning, growth, and strength. It is the ideal jewellery that many jewellery shops in Australia stock.

Here is the benefit of investing in this:
  • Ideal to soothe your emotional instability.
  • Calms your nerves, lessens your stress, and brings calmness.
  • Moonstone jewellery is believed to promote success, bring good intuition, and also fortune.
  • Going to a formal event means wearing your most expensive diamond jewellery but Moonstone jewellery is equally stunning and awesome.
  • Makes a good fashion statement, be it for evening parties or formal looks.
  • Monday is considered to be ‘Moon’s day hence Moonstone is an alternative birthstone for those born on Monday.
  • This is also referred to as the lover’s stone making it an ideal choice when buying jewellery for those seeking true love.

It makes sense to invest in a moonstone necklace since it will help channel your feminine side. Besides being the best choice for just about any occasion it also is a symbol of love, strength, and much more. This type of necklace can be purchased from several jewellery shops in Australia including online stores. This is also believed to be a symbol of protection when travelling at night, childbirth, pregnancy, voyaging at sea, etc. In fact, there is a wide range of beliefs pertaining to this stone including those concerned with its health and well-being.