Get the best property photos by preparing your property for real estate photography

Get the best property photos by preparing your property for real estate photography

A picture is worth thousands of words. The saying goes true when it concerns the real estate sector. To showcase a property in the best way possible and to make sure that your listing stands out amongst the million others, you must support your listing with the best commercial real estate photographs. 

When a potential buyer is looking for a property to purchase, he or she will come across hundreds and thousands of options. Making sure that your property sticks out in the listing with excellent photos captured by Drone Photography & Videography Melbourne can make all the difference between selling and not selling your property. 

Getting the best property photos 

Great property images engage more people who will view and share a property listing, and thereby, more sales inquiries. The images that should be put to support a listing, has to be accurate, reliable, and provides a complete overview of the property while highlighting the best assets of the property. 

But, how do you get the best property photos?

1. Start preparing first 

Before you shoot the property, you need to ensure that it is clean, tidy, and organized. Also, remove all clutter and unwanted stuff. Then make a list of the features that you would like to showcase for the property, like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living space, rooftop, backyard, and whatever. Then make the place look stylish and updated. If need be, consider renting furniture for the shoot. If you want to feature exterior shots, make sure that the building is clean and well maintained from the outside. The windows are clean and all exterior areas are well maintained. All lighting and fixtures should be working before starting the shoot. 

2. Choose the right time for the shoot 

Experts like drone videography Melbourne, choose the appropriate time of the day for all commercial real estate shoots. Before sunrise and after sunset are the best times to shoot the exterior of a property. It is all because the external light is low, the color of the sky is great and at these times, you can use property exterior lights also. Every place of a property will have its best time to shoot and these need to be judged accordingly. 

3. Get organized 

When it is about taking the right commercial real estate shoot, getting organized is the key. Be it the housekeeping or the equipment and software, everything has to be in place, before the shoot. 

4. Do it with experts 

There could not be any substitute to shooting a property other than finding a professional like Drone Photography & Videography Melbourne to do the shoot. You need to get the best shots to put in brochures, for advertising needs and print media coverage. Skill and technical knowledge are all that are required to take great photos. 

By properly preparing your home for real estate photography, you will have the pictures speaking thousands of words about beautiful lawns, roomy interiors, and complete desirability. The possibilities are endless. 


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