Find the Tips on arranging budget-friendly funeral

You are hurt that you lost a loved one, but do not hurt yourself anymore by spending a lot in the funeral process. It is understandable, that nothing is more hurtful, then losing a loved one, but in that condition do not get emotional, and spend carelessly. You do not have to put a lot of effort into  arranging to  budget funerals in Melbourne. Just consider a few factors and organise Melbourne’s cheapest funerals, without hurting your pockets.

The factors are mentioned below, of which the first one is to:-

Research well  

If you want to cremate someone, you might have a fixed budget of the expenses you would like to incur. Communicating with many  funeral directors will clarify who you  choose, which fits your budget and serves you as per your expectation.

Price and affordability of every funeral service provider vary. You can prepare a list, compare and determine which  funeral director will serve you best and offer a tremendous  and unforgettable funeral experience.

To make it easier, you can also talk to your relatives, friends, the closed ones and use that as a reference while approaching a funeral director.

Go for cremation instead of burial

Nowadays, Australians prefer cremation over burials. This is because burials are costly and not affordable for every Australian losing their loved one.

Cremations are cheaper than burials. The average cost of funeral is nearly $4000, but the burial is way too expensive in comparison. Its average price  is $15000. It includes all the miscellaneous expenses like flower garlands, candles, and coffins etc.

You can cut the cost by using a natural burial casket. Wrap the body in the shroud and bury it in one of the dozens of natural burial grounds around the country. This way you can ‘Go Green’

Cremate Green

A green burial is cheaper than that of a traditional burial. The materials used in its making are natural. The making is less expensive,  than steel casket.

This eco-friendly method has encouraged many Australians to switch over and depart their loved one without hurting their pockets. This not only protects the environment but also saves your finances.

But if you are habituated to the old traditional burial, and are not willing to switch, then.

Consider a direct burial

In the direct burial, the body is interred soon after death, without holding any ceremony, inviting guests for a final goodbye. This cuts down the expenses and helps in balancing the pocket. The only costs incurred in this process are

  • A service  fee of funeral’s home
  • Body care fee
  • Transportation fee
  • The purchase amount of an Urn or Casket
  • A security deposit of a cemetery plot

These are the necessary spendings for burial. You will mandatorily have to pay for this. To balance these expenses, you can save on some of the things, by doing it yourself.

DIY things

Don’t complicate; keep it simple by spending less. Purchase a simple and plain casket or urn. When you go for a purchase, the salesperson will push you into buying something fancy, or colourful, but do not do that. Don’t deviate from your choice.

Purchase the casket that matches your preferences and fits your budget. Ensure  that the salesperson is transparent and does not give you the vibe of being taken advantage of.

If you fear that, you can even make your coffin, which has increasingly become a trend in Australia. You can make it in less than $100 with your materials and efforts.

Along with this

Hold the funeral at home or religious centre

Holding the funeral at home will cut the cost of an event hall. If you expect a smaller group of people to be a part of the Melbourne  Wreath funeral of your loved one, then this is the most appropriate method of saving money. This will customise the funeral ceremony to suit your specific budget.

Thus, this is how you can arrange a cheap and affordable funeral anywhere in Australia. So, before bidding a final goodbye to your loved one contact