Essential Tips You Need Know To Buy Quilt Covers Sets

The bed happens to be one of the most important furniture items in the bedroom. There are many types of bedding items that one can invest in to make their bed as comfortable as possible. This includes investing in a good mattress, quilts, pillows, cushions and many more such items. Each item plays a vital role in making your bed comfortable and aesthetic.

A quilt is what can help keep you warm on cold winter nights.

  • It consists of 3 layers that are stitched in place and can have various designs or patterns. They will usually be thicker than a blanket and usually made from 100% cotton.
  • The quilts are available in various colours, designs and patterns.
  • One of the methods to ensure the quilt fits well with your existing bedding or room decor is to invest in a good quilt cover.
  • There are several other advantages of investing in Australian quilt covers.

Tips to Buy Quilt Covers

The quilt covers we select tend to complement our style. They are available in various materials, textures as well as patterns. Here are a few tips on how to buy quilt covers:

  • Quilt covers are often about the aesthetic appeal for your new set of a quilt; however, there is more to it than just that.
  • Check the size of the quilt first prior to ordering and ensure the pattern of the cover is one that matches your decor.
  • The cost of the quilt cover you pick largely depends on the material, design, weave and several other factors.
  • A quilt cover can be made from various materials like cotton, cotton blends, flannel, synthetic materials, silk or bamboo to make a bamboo quilt cover as well.
  • Opting for thicker quilt cover sets, can add to the heat insulation.
  • For those who prefer to have their pets on the bed as well, it is best to avoid buying silk quilt covers or satin ones, instead use vintage quilt sets to ensure they mark that their claws tend to not affect the quilt.
  • The thread count makes a big difference; this is how many vertical and horizontal threads are present per square 10 cms.
  • The higher the thread counts the softer the fabric and the more luxurious it is.
  • High thread count quilt covers can trap heat faster and not allow air to flow freely.
  • A low thread count quilt cover, one that is of high quality will allow air to flow more freely and ensure it has a soft feel to it.
  • Quilt covers are available in many different designs and features hence it is possible to find the best one for you with little research
  • Ensure the quilt cover you choose is fit for use in a washing machine and does not shrink after wash.

Benefits of Buying Online

  • A quilt cover is essentially the same as a duvet cover or doona cover. In fact, it is often available along with a matching set of pillowcases.
  • There are many eCommerce stores online which stock a wide range of bedding material for your bedroom this includes a silk quilt in Australia.
  • It is easier to conduct your research online as well since the Internet opens the door to a world of resources and information.
  • Buying from a store online means you can browse through the listings and purchase the appropriate item from the leisure of your living room.
  • It is also possible to shop at any time of the day and after having completed your research in peace.

The added benefit of buying online is that they tend to have a wide range of options and several offers & discounts you can take advantage of. It is also simpler to browse through the various options since the websites built these days are highly interactive and pay close attention to customer usability.


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