Difference Between Diy Vs. Tow Truck When Stranded At The Roadside

Traveling by our own vehicle and keeping it in good shape is something most vehicle owners are fully accustomed to doing. However, at times the vehicle does breakdown due to some reason leaving one stranded in the middle of nowhere. It is at times like this one’s vehicle repair skills are put to the test as many will try to fix the issue themselves. This might not always be possible. The car can breakdown due to many reasons like a flat or faulty battery especially in winter, damaged tyres or wheel, engine oil issue, fault with the alternator, fuel issues.

Many drivers tend to have good knowledge of their vehicle, however; there are some issues they will not be able to fix while being stranded on the road with somewhere to get to and other passengers impatiently waiting for it to be fixed. Some of the other issues include overheating, engine trouble, etc. At times like this, it might be necessary to call a car tow in Sydney. This article helps one decide which is best for you, attempting it to solve the issue yourself or seek help from a towing service.

How to Solve the Issue with DIY

There are car issues there can easily be fixed by the driver itself and allow them to continue with their journey. Here are several tips on how to attempt DIY with car trouble at the roadside:

  • Try to identify the location and make sure it is safe. Being stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to fix an unknown problem is not a very good idea. For example, stranded on a busy highway on a dark night is not an ideal place to fix your vehicle yourself.
  • First, check if you have the correct tools to fix the problem and then attempt to find the seriousness of the issue and if you can fix it with the toots at hand.
  • Attempting to fix the issue only if you are confident of fixing it since doing it yourself at the roadside can very easily end up costing more to fix it at the repair shop after having to call a Randwick towing service.
  • Check the warning lights since they can guide you to the issue.
  • Smoke from the hood is not necessarily a cause for worry. It does mean you need to stop, but might be something as simple as a broken oil cap, due to a recent oil change or a cracked radiator hose. This can be a quick temporary fix to help you drive on.

Benefits of Calling a Tow Truck

A car tow in eastern suburbs will usually be fully equipped with tools and have skilled drivers to tow your car away. They are also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year round to respond to your call for assistance. A Randwick towing service can get to you no matter where you are stranded making them highly accessible; besides which they will also have insurance hence are usually perfectly safe. The tow truck drivers will also have the skills to fix your vehicle at the site and are fully trained for this job. Such tow trucks have the ability to tow all kinds of vehicles including cars, motorbikes, fancy high-end vehicles, trucks, etc.

The Verdict

Fixing your own vehicle if it happens to breakdown on the roadside is an instinctive reaction. However, if it turns out to be a major issue it is a good idea to call a reliable tow truck service to get you to safety. It is not a good idea to spend time fixing your vehicle while being stranded in the middle of the road along with other passengers who might be losing their patience. In fact, this can be quite frustrating as well; hence it is highly advisable to call a tow truck service instead.


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