Check Out These 4 Tricks To Get The Best And Cheapest Accommodation In Dandenong

Travelling involves packing clothes, essentials, booking flight or train tickets, and most important – Hotel booking. Travelling to a new place involves spending money on accommodation which is the biggest chunk of any trip. Especially if you are someone who does not prefer spending the night on an uncomfortable couch or in a hostel, by the end of the day, you might end up spending a hefty amount on hotel rooms. Indeed, hotels and resorts have their own set of comforts, but for the same experience, you often have to shell out quite a few bucks. The better the hotel, the higher the staying cost will be.

The Internet has a myriad of booking sites that offers different prices for choosing the best accommodation in Dandenong. But sometimes, figuring out how to find cheap accommodation most reliably can be quite a task. This guide provides you withten tricks to crack the best deal the next time you book a hotel stay.

1) Signing Up For Hotel Newsletters

In case you don’t know, most top hotels have a newsletter or a loyalty program. These newsletters and loyalty programs have special discounts and various other promotional deals. You simply have to sign up and check out the suitable deals. Many hotels and accommodations have special packages, especially during festive seasons, to stay ahead of their competitors. By making use of such deals, you can receive a great offer and a good bargain in return. So just make sure you sign up for these deals to keep a tab on the latest offers.

2) Reception > Websites

Hotel websites might offer deals and offers, but it is unsure whether they are relevant or not. The better options one can choose is to call up the hotel reception directly. Calling up the reception desk and enquiring them about their rate can benefit you more than just booking the room online through the hotel website. By doing this, they can not only create an exclusive package just for you but also provide an additional discount while booking the accommodation. Online booking also restricts you to know the stay details. You can speak to the staff regarding late checkout, free breakfast, or even about WiFi connection.

3) Mention About Your Previous Stay

Hospitality is something hotel staff will never back out from. They will be more than happy to entertain someone who stayed in their hotel previously. Sometimes the hotel provides a discount if you have stayed with them before. Brand loyalty wins the customer’s brownie points. Therefore, ensure you choose a hotel chain where you can stay and be comfortable. If you have stayed there even if it was just a part of a small business trip or a company offsite, mention to them everything about your previous stay. This will help you get a good deal.

4) Traveling During Off-Season

Booking your stay during the off-season is one of the best ways to save money on any accommodation. If you have a hotel in your mind that you would love to stay in but is apparently out of your budget, then plan your stay during the off-season. When you decide to opt for the stay during the off-season, you will get access to discounts and various additional benefits.

Finding accessible and cheap hotels in Dandenong can be quite a task. Sandown Regency offers you quality and comfortable accommodation at reasonable tariffs. They have affordable and economical accommodation options, including standard room, twin room, deluxe room, and one and two-bedroom apartments.


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