Beginner’s Guide To Healing Crystals

The new age beliefs related to mindfulness and yoga have fueled a lot of popularity and interest in crystal healing. The practice has gained so much hype that even after having no scientific proof, most of the people believe in this.

Before we get into the beginner’s guide on healing crystals, please note that crystals are not a replacement for prescription medications for mental health therapy. All those who are getting started with crystal healing therapy should first consider learning about the practice in detail to earn maximum profit out of it. With that being said, let us start with the detailed information on healing crystals.

What are healing crystals?

Crystals are stones that have physical characteristics like the ordering of atoms. These characteristics are said to affect the light refraction, electrical charge and more. Talking about its effect on the human body, crystals bring a change in the electrical charge, functionality and vibrations of the human body and tend to create a balance between all. These vibrations and electrical charge is what makes up any living entity. And when the crystals bring a change in the functionality, everything is assumed to come back to place.

How do healing crystals work?

Crystals are believed to affect the practitioner in two major ways— as vibrational medicine and through the mindset. If you learn about healing crystals by joining a crystal therapy course, you may find how crystals work. Here is a brief about the same.

Vibrational Medicine

As per a research conducted in the 1970s, it was stated that crystals work by altering the vibrations of the body’s molecules to match the vibrational energy of the crystal. The healing crystals have the same wavelength as the human body, the crystals vibrate in the same tone as humans. And this is what helps in enhancing the body’s natural healing.

Humans have the ability to operate in the desired energy scale, either ascending or descending, with positivity at the top and negativity at the bottom of the scale. The healing crystals hold any one of these frequencies at the positive end of the energetic scale or repel the energy from the negative end of the energetic scale. In both ways, it cuts down all the chaos and gives rise to a clean and calm mind that is full of love, clarity and hope.


Crystal healing therapy also works by harnessing the power of mind in a way that’s more potent and effective than vibrational energy improvements. For years, crystals have been viewed as signs of purity, pleasure, faith and perfection. The use of crystals was done as a source of devotion, creativity and inspiration. Researchers from reputed educational institutes like Stanford agreed how crystals play a significant role in health and healing through the mindset of humans. It was stated that crystal healing is an intention based therapy that helps with cous, immunity, stress reduction, emotional processing and nervous system regulation.

People today see crystals in various ways. Some see it as their tools for medication, some use it for wearing on skin and others see it as a decoration accessory. Nowadays healing crystals are also found at spa treatments and wellness centers. The practitioners use these crystals for facials, massages and chiropractic adjustments in the studios.

Crystals can be found online in a reputed practitioner’s officer or in local shops. Make sure that wherever you get your crystals from, the provider is a certified seller so that you are not cheated with the fake stone. To know more about high quality crystals and their uses, subscribe to our page today!