Apple Watch Series 6 Watch Faces

The most advanced and feature-packed Apple Watch Series 6 is now available for purchase. It is a hi-tech, gorgeous device that offers all features you need on a regular basis. You can alter the style aspect of the watch by changing a sport loop Apple Watch band. It is also very easy to give a personal touch to your Apple Watch. 

You get a variety of watch faces to choose according to the occasion and situation. The watch allows you to customise watch faces according to your taste.     

Newest Watch Faces 

Apple Watch Series 6 comes with the following new customisable watch faces: 

1. Stripes 

2. Typograph

3. Memoji (and Animoji)

4. GMT 

5. Chronograph Pro

6. Artist

7. Count Up

You can also share your watch faces with others. In addition to this, you can also install watch faces shared by others. 

How to Add a Watch Face

Unlock your iPhone and launch the Watch app. Go to the bottom and tap Face Gallery. Choose and configure the watch face and tap Add. You can also change your watch faces directly on your watch. All you need to do is to swipe. Use 3D touch and press down on the face. Swipe left to select a watch face. However, the interface for watch face customisation is not the same in WatchOS 6 and WatchOS 7. In WatchOS 6, you can use Haptic Touch or 3D Touch and tap Customize. If you are using WatchOS 7, you need a simple long-press. Tap Edit and now you can customise the watch face. 

How to Delete a Watch Face  

Take the following steps to delete a watch face: 

a). Press down a watch face 

b). Scroll to find the watch face to delete 

c). Swipe up 

d). Tap Remove  

How to Share a Watch Face 

Take the following steps to share a watch face: 

a). Press down and hold the watch face to access controls   

b). Tape the Share button  

Now, you can verbally dictate or write your message. Choose a contact to send the watch face. 

Some Simple Watch Faces 

1. Typograph

If you love simplicity then this watch face is for you. It is easy to customise this watch face. You can change the background colour. This allows you to make sure that the watch face matches the colour of your sport loop Apple Watch band or your outfit. 

2. California

This watch face is released in WatchOS 6. This crowd-pleaser is simple and elegant. It is either a round or square face. It resembles the traditional watch face you are familiar with. You can leave the watch face minimal or add data to the face. This watch face is also easy to customise.

3. Gradient  

It is an elegant watch face launched with Series 4. This watch face is compelling and sophisticated. You can see the hour and minute marks in the shaded areas. It is easy to change its colours. You can also change its look from full screen to a circular face. 

4. Stripes

This is a new watch face in WatchOS 7. You can easily customise this watch face by changing the number of stripes from anything between 2 to 9. You can also change the sequence of colours and rotate the position of stripes. 

5. Photos

You can also put photos in the background of a watch face. Take the following steps:

Apple Watch app -> Face Gallery-> Favourites

Now you can either choose individual photos or sync an album. 

Take the following steps to find synced album:

  • My Watch->Photos->Synced Album

You can customise by applying colour filters to photos. 

Apple Watch Series 6 is already a very stylish hi-tech wearable. You can easily change its style and looks by changing its watch faces and sport loop Apple Watch band.