Antique Clocks: Guide To Maintain Their Value And Elegance

Antique clocks give a beautiful combination of mindful mechanics and brilliant mantel art striking for the emanating cuckoo clocks.It is the precision of the “tick” that brightens up the overall working, which is a true work of art with their timepieces. The style of developing the casing to the inner working of the clock; everything implements old technology. The technology used in clocks has evolved over time and the old clocks make for good collecting items. Many people all around the world invest inhigh-end clocks. It is important to check for specifications and get information about it before investing in it.

Before buying a wall clock in Australia, it is important to know some information on the collector’s side, understanding the value before putting your money in it. This includes inquiring about the maker, checking the style and knowing the true value of the clock prior to purchasing it. There are many types of antique clocks like the grandfather clock, wall clock, mantel clock, etc and it should be in working condition to have value. If in case they are not working, understand, if their condition can be restored. A professional clockmaker has the skills to verify the authenticity of a clock using special markings that are unique for all makers. This article offers several tips on how to maintain antique clocks.

Tips on maintaining the antique clocks

There are many types of antique clocks, hence, while some require adjusting the pendulum others might require winding. There are also those which require oiling regularly to ensure they are in optimal condition. Here are a few tips on how to care for it:

  • Put some thought into where you place the clock; for example, it is best to avoid direct heat or sunlight and humidity since this will affect the case and the mechanism.
  • Avoid placing it on the mantel where it is likely to be exposed to smoke from the fireplace; also avoid placing it close to a window.
  • Secure the clocks in place and avoid hanging them from a string or nail; use a wall bolt instead.
  • A pendulum clock requires it to be monitored regularly and you know it is working right if you can hear a distinct tick/tock with a sufficient gap in between.
  • Avoid placing the clocks where you expect a great deal of vibration.
  • Such clocks need maintenance every three years however, if they become sluggish it is best to contact a good repairman since they have very complex mechanisms and are easy to break.
  • They will require frequent lubrication as well.
  • Do not overwind the clock since doing so will damage it.
  • Avoid moving the clock hands backwards since this will damage the mechanism.

Tips on buying a wall clocks in Australia

Before buying an antique wall clock or a contemporary wall clock in Australia, follow these important aspects:

  • Look for the quality in an antique clock.
  • However, not every antique is valuable. It is important to find the make and type of the clock and ensure it is authentic prior to estimating its value.
  • It should be in working condition and manufactured by a reputed firm.
  • One of the other factors affecting the value is how rare it is. There are several stores where one can buy an authentic antique. This includes online stores as well as showrooms.
  • It is a good practice to buy from professionals who are clock specialists and have the ability to offer support for both technical repairs as well as regular maintenance.

Several stores tend to sell antiques including cuckoo clocks, however not many provide after sales support. Consider these above tips before buying an antique, grandfather clock in Australia before investing you put in your hard-earned money.

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