5 Tips To Make Your House Look Like A Modern Coastal Paradise

Coastal designs are all about vibrant colors, beachy prints and cool decor. It is an opposite to the modern design where things are kept minimal and subtle. Coastal designs are about liveliness and fun with comfort and coziness in mind. Here are five tips to turn your house into a modern coastal paradise. 

Simplify Your Color Palette

The first tip is to start your design plan with a simple color palette. A coastal and modern house interior is all about deep blues, bright orgnases, beige, browns and classic interiors that demand minimal approach. This does not mean you are confined to use only the above mentioned colors but if you want to create a sleek space in your house, you need to keep the base color soft and subtle. You can not use colors that have nothing in common or are completely opposites. A coastal interior is about having colors related to the coast. The colors should have a cool and calm vibe.

Consider Natural Textures

After the color palette, now comes texture. Coastal interiors are all about textures. These designs need to evoke textures just like the real coasts. And the texture of your house needs to be as natural as possible. Classic coastal accents include seagrass rugs in the balcony or seating area, driftwood pieces for the dining room coastal vibe, seashell mirrors at the wash area, exposed brick design at the walls etc. You can also include some plants in the living room that you may find along the beach. By bringing all these elements together you can make your space feel cozy, comfortable and coastal. 

Abstract Art Rocks

When looking for coastal accessories, do consider abstract art. It is most tempting to have beachy photographs and real looking art. They would make up a great wall decor in the bedrooms, wash area etc. But this is not the only option. You can get a coastal vibe even without adding beach and sand in the house. You can favour abstract art pieces that replicate the ocean and have similar colors. All you need to care about is the color. If it matches the vibe, go for it.

Warmth With Woven Accents

In the above tips, we have only recommended you to add a cool vibe. If there is anything that you need to balance the whole interior then choose woven accents for your house. A house with coastal homewares is incomplete without a few woven pieces. And by woven pieces we mean—jute rugs, woolen throws etc. Apart from this, even wicker chairs look modern when paired with the right table and some sleek lighting. All of this together will give the perfect coastal feel to the residents and visitors.

Layer Different Neutrals

Coastal color scheme has a lot to do in the modern interior design which has cool vibes. You must have noticed crisp whites and classic blues are two common options that play a key role. Consider layering your house interior with all kinds of neutrals. A mix of neutral in particular style will make up the best interior design. Like for the dining room coastal, the coast favors neutral shades like sandy light browns, blacks that mimic dark shades of ocean, cloudy whites etc would look great. The coastal aesthetic is highly place-based. So try to be as close as possible to the beach inspiration for maximum coastal feel.

There are many ways to give your house coastal vibes. A few things like wooden console tables, cool color curtains, sleek lighting etc make up the best coastal interior.

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