5 Reasons Why Businesses Demand Customised Hoodies

There can be nothing better than snuggling down on a cold winter’s day or after a surf with a warm hoodie. They are great for warming up or protecting from a cool breeze and can be taken almost anywhere – have one in the wardrobe, one in the back of the car, and throw one in your gym bag for comfort after a workout.

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should consider stocking and selling customised hoodies, apart from being loved by so many people due to their comfort and warmth. Let’s take a look at 10 of the best reasons.

Building your Brand

In much the same way as businesses place logos and advertising on their cars, a customised hoodie can work to help you build your company brand. Whether it’s staff wearing the hoodie to work or being used for team wear in Australia, your logo is going to be out in front of potential customers without you needing to do much at all.

Improving Culture within the Workplace

It can be quite hard to cultivate the right culture within your business. With so many different personalities and ideas, it can be hard to bring everyone together in one place. But a branded hoodie can unify your team and help everyone to feel as though they are part of the team. And there’s no better way to build and improve culture than everyone being a team.

They are Unique

There’s an old way of doing promotional wear and a new way – the old way used to be to just choose a shirt or jumper from a catalogue, have your logo printed on it and you were ready to go. Today, promotional wear means you can choose the look and style of your hoodie as well as having your branding exactly where you want it to be. Your customised hoodies can be as unique as your business is.

No Large Outlay

One of the downsides to the old way of ordering promotional wear was that you generally had to order large numbers – 50, 100, sometimes even more. With customised wholesale hoodies in Australia, you no longer need to do that. Custom Varsity Apparel has a minimum order of just 10 pieces, so for smaller businesses and sports clubs, it is completely feasible to have your own customised hoodies without a large outlay on apparel that won’t get utilised.

Well Fitted

An issue that many businesses, schools, and sports clubs find is that traditional promotional and team wear in Australia doesn’t always fit well. The benefit of customised apparel is that they can be made to your specifications which means they tend to be made to fit. No more ill-fitting jumpers that don’t show off your brand well!


One of the biggest reasons that businesses and sports teams love customised hoodies is that they are so versatile. They can be worn as team wear, dressed down with a pair of jeans, worn in a more casual workplace, and move with the body meaning they can be worn to the gym, hiking, or just hanging out with friends at a BBQ.

Easy to Print

One of the biggest misconceptions about buying and printing wholesale hoodies in Australia is that it is hard to do. But this isn’t the case.  A good wholesaler can provide you with a range of hoodie styles, sizes, and colours to choose from, and can assist you in ensuring your artwork or logo looks fantastic.

Custom Varsity Apparel offers a range of hoodies and jumpers that can be customised to meet your brand requirements. They are stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting. With some of the best quality team wear in Australia, you can’t go wrong purchasing your wholesale hoodies at Custom Varsity Apparel.