5 Healing Crystals For Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety are few of those emotions that each one of us encounter at one point or another. Some of us deal with it on a daily basis and get used to it whereas others suffer from it once in a blue moon. Whichever category you fall in, it is important to cope up with these emotions in a natural and better manner. And what better way to get rid of these emotions than choosing healing crystals. The crystals are said to heal your mind, body and soul. It also promotes good energy flow in the body.

What are the best healing crystals for stress and anxiety?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. And here is an answer to this—

Stress is an inevitable, normal and in some cases a healthy part of life. If you can not get a hold on your anxiety and stress, it can seriously ruin your whole life. Crystal sets for anxiety are natural tools that curb stress, fear, worry and even panic attacks. As every crystal comes with its own healing abilities for mind, body and soul; it also helps you take control of your own life. Here is the list of best crystals that can provide you the sacred space of serenity and give you back the life you deserve. These healing crystals are best at making you overcome stress and anxiety.

Amethyst— The Anxiety Alleviator

Amethyst and its tranquil purple hues are well known for healing, purifying and protecting the wearer during anxious times. It is one such crystal that you definitely want around you when you are stressed or feeling anxious. It not only dispels negativity but also attracts positive and calming vibes at the same time. Amethyst is also known as ‘the all purpose stone’ because it has an ability to settle the chattering mind that keeps you awake. It is a kind of stone that you will find in almost every crystal healing set. Amethyst is highly beneficial for individuals suffering from insomnia or nightmares too.

Rhodonite— The Releaser

Next is Rhodonite, also known as ‘the stone of compassion.’ It is a very powerful stone that helps in reducing stress and suppresses anxiety. Apart from letting you release all that no longer serves you. Rhodonite also brings feelings of calmness and security during the time of panic and anxiety.

Citrine— The Composer

Citrine is an optimiser of life, wonder, joy and enthusiasm that you need in your life. It lets go of all the fear and guides me to switch out worry and doubt. The way in which Citrine provides you warmth, motivation and clarity is unmatchable. Just like yoga lets you unwind you from a wound up day, Citrine allows you to let-go of all the tension and anxiety from your body.

Moonstone— The Mellow

Moonstone is an amazing stone for all the mums. It helps in fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and everything related to motherhood. Basically this stone helps a mother to connect with the feminine side. It is believed that Moonstone creates a balance in the female hormones. Not just that, the gemstone is also known for new beginnings, encouragement, growth and inner strength. If you are willing to start fresh and dispel the feeling of stress, consider including Moonstone in your crystal healing kit.

Celestite— The Celestial

As the name suggests, Celestite is the crystal sent from the heavens. It helps you connect with your angelic realms and allows a free flow of divine frequencies. Celestite has the ability to help you with obsessive behaviour, anxiety, fear and stress. This divine crystal is also said to bring balance, harmony, maintain inner peace and a lot more.

All the above crystals are a must have in the crystal healing set that you choose for overcoming anxiety and stress. To know more, subscribe to us today.